MAX reset script

A simple script I wrote for my daily work. Maybe it will be useful for someone.
Rotation and Scale transormations are restricted to "geometry" and "helper" objects to avoid any errors.

- ROTATE selected objects by selected angle in specified axis
- RESET position / rotation / scale of selected objects in selected or all axes
- ALIGN position / rotation / scale of selected objects to min / average / max in specified axes
- apply a RANDOM (with given min and max values) position / rotation / scale in specified axes to selected objects.
Additional Info:

The zip-file contains a usual script ( and a utility-file ( to be placed in .../scripts/startup).

v1.00: initial release
v1.01: code cleanup, minor bugfix
v1.02: position controls added
v1.03: align position added
v1.04: align rotation and scale added
v1.05: rotate by angle added
v1.06: interface improved, code cleanup

max_reset_script.rar5.33 KB