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Scripting for Jewellery Design

I have been developing a jewellery toolbar for parametric jewellery design using maxscript. The toolbar allows the user to specify a control surface, a prototype jewel and places instances of it on the surface according to specific jewellery design rules. The jewels can then be surrounded by 'teeth' again placed according to strict rules. The designer can modify the spacing, the rotation and other parameters.


Some images from my weaving script in 3ds Max MAXSCRIPT

Weaving 01

Weaving 02

Another Diagrid Image

Another diagrid image (3D Mesh).


Recursive Branching

A couple of screen shots of my recursive branching script. The same script can be used for both orthogonal as well as organic-looking models by specifying a range. The script then picks a random value from that range which gives us that recognisable 'natural' look. I have attached two images that the script created: one orthogonal and one organic. I hope you like it :)



Watch my Diagrid Maxscript in action on Vimeo! http://vimeo.com/37894655

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