The following scripts are ordered chronologically (newest updates on top).
Most of them are still BETA versions, which means that they are still under development.
DEMO means that they are not meant for production work and might be crippled in some way.
DOWNLOAD ONLY means that there is no HTML Documentation on-site.
SOURCE files are ASCII version which can be studied or enhanced.
ENCRYPTED files can be Run (using "RUN Script"), but not edited.

  1. ReplaceMapPaths 1.0 Source (8/26/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  2. MAX R3 Compatible
    Lets you replace substrings or whole paths of Bitmaps.
    Enter both Old and New string to replace only substring
    Enter only New string to replace the whole path with the new string
    Don't enter anything to remove all paths from all bitmaps. MAX will look into its Map Paths and use the first copy of the file it encounters. If there is no file on the Map Paths, the Bitmap will be missing.
  3. PEN PAL 0.46 Beta Encrypted (7/28/99)

  4. MAX R3 Compatible
    Animation Painter. Creates an animated texture based on the relative motion of two objects.
    Updated: BUG FIX - Severe bug with Shlash Pen fixed.
    Tested with MAX R3.
  5. ASCreader 0.30 Beta Source (4/9/99)

  6. 3DS ASCII file import - fixed some bugs, implemented Batch-Import,
    autosaving to MAX file, Material support... Not encrypted anymore.
  7. MissingTextures 1.1 Source (4/8/99) MAX 2.5+ DOWNLOAD ONLY

  8. Checks the scene for missing Bitmap textures.
    Shows offended material, optionally searches all
    local and network drives for the bitmap,
    and can load the materials with missing maps into Material Editor.
  9. TextureReplacer 1.0 Source (3/24/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  10. Lists all texture bitmaps in the scene. Lets you set a list of alternative bitmaps
    and replace existing bitmaps with new bitmaps from the list.
  11. AlignByVertex 1.1 Source (3/12/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  12. Align two meshes based on vertex selections. Select at least 3 vertices in each mesh,
    and move the one mesh to the other by aligning the centers of selection,
    the normals based on 3 selected vertices, and two vertices in a line with the centers.
    (Description in Source file)
  13. AutoSnapVerts 1.0 Source (3/11/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  14. Move selected vertices within a threshold together without welding. Requires an EditableMesh
    without any modifiers and with vertex selection. (Description in Source file)
  15. VertexColorAdjust 1.0 Source (3/10/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  16. Select an EditableMesh with Color Vertices and no modifiers and adjust Hue, Saturation
    and Value of selected vertices or the whole mesh.

  17. LoadSceneMaterials 0.2 Source (2/23/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  18. Select objects inm the scene and load up to 23 materials into MEdit with a single click.
  19. FREEHAND SPLINE 1.5 Source (2/18/99) MAX 2.5

  20. Draw Freehand splines with custom segment size in any viewport using the mouse.
    Similar to the 3DS DOS / 2D Shaper function.
    Updated:Bezier vertex type option.
  21. Magnet Surface 1.0 Source (2/8/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  22. Move pivot points of selected objects to a surface along any axis.
  23. MeshTrace 0.2 BETA Source (2/7/99)

  24. Takes a Light source and a Ground object and casts meshed Shadows from any selected objects.
    Updated:Animation Support implemented.
  25. MovieScanner 0.1 BETA Source (2/1/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  26. Scan sub-folders for image sequences. Build AVIs from any number of image sequences with a single click.
  27. SLED (Select Long EDges) 0.3 BETA Source (1/31/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  28. Compares all face edges in a meshable geometry object with a Edge Length Threshold and selects the edges that are longer using a MeshSelect modifier.
    Updated:Addition posted by Martin Breidt - Select Short Edges option.
  29. SMIV (Show Maps In Viewports) 0.11 BETA Source (1/26/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  30. Allows to activate/deactivate the Show Map in Viewport for first level 2D Textures in any channel of a Standard material, in Standard Sub-Materials, and some of the channels of a Raytraced material. Works with selection sets or the whole scene.
    Updated: Removed floater, moved to command pannel.
  31. ReorderTrackView 1.5 Encrypted (1/26/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  32. Reorder nodes in the TrackView tree display or sort the Node Database alphabetically.
    Updated: Fixed some MORE problems with sorting object names with special characters.
    Also fixed error with trying to move UP/DOWN empty selection.
    You may NOT use $ as character in an object's name.
  33. DVC (DeleteVertexColors) 0.2 BETA Source (1/22/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  34. Lets you remove the Vertex Colors, UVW Texture Coordinates and Material from Editable Meshes.
    Also lets you reset most of the Object Properties.
    Works by copying the whole or partial mesh definition to a new mesh.
    Good for game development.
  35. TrumanTiles Live 0.2 BETA Encrypted (1/8/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  36. Take a source image and the content of a Maps folder and create a set of geometry objects
    building the source image, mapped with the images from the folder.
    Updated: Some bugs fixed.
  37. ColorShadows 0.1 Source (12/30/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  38. Create and maintain Color Shadows for any number of Light Sources.
    Works best with white light. Animatable!
  39. SpreadBetween 1.4 Source (12/25/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  40. Evenly spread selected objects between two nodes.
    Updated: Fixed the problems with special characters in object names (see ReorderTrackView)
  41. AntiAliasedAlpha 0.21 BETA Source (12/21/98)

  42. Render a viewport with Aliased RGB channels and Anti-Aliased Alpha or the other way round...
    Updated: Time Slider updates while rendering animations to show the current frame.
  43. CompositeAlpha 0.2 BETA Source (12/21/98)

  44. Take two IFL animations of 32bit TGAs and composite the Alpha channels only.
    Updated: Replace mode in addition to the Add mode has been implemented.
  45. SimpleScatter 0.31 BETA Source (12/20/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  46. In addition to basic mesh scattering functionality, there is a new Spline Scatter function which lets you scatter objects along multiple splines in a single SplineShape in several ways (Per Knot, Fixed Count, Fixed Space).
    Updated: Support for NURBS Curves as Scatter Control Spline.
  47. SmoothSplit 0.1 BETA Source (12/17/98)

  48. Creates EMesh copies of selected objects and splits them to Elements.
    To be used prior VertexColor assignment.
  49. DigiCounter 0.3 BETA Source (12/17/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  50. Lets you select up to 10 objects and map them using an IFL file
    pointing at texture maps of the digits 0 - 9. Set a custom TrackView track
    to control the value displayed on the meshes. Get a counter :o)
  51. Gridify 0.3 BETA Source (12/10/98)

  52. Select a mesh and split it (or any Sub-Object Face selection) interactively.
  53. TapeFix 0.21 BETA Source (12/7/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  54. Solves a problem with the Tape measure helper object.
    Lets you move the Tape Target to the user-specified length or create additional helper dummies
    at the end of the tape to allow Snap to Pivot when using user-defined lengths...
  55. TrumanTiles 0.1 BETA Encrypted (12/2/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  56. Take a source image and the content of a Maps folder and create a new image based
    on the source and made up of tiles showing the single images from the folder.
  57. LoftSnapShot 0.1 BETA Source (11/26/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  58. Creates a Section Shape along the Loft Path and lets you snapshot any number of spline cross-sections.
    The Loft must be created using the Path->Shape method.
  59. PolygonCounter 0.21 BETA Source (Commented) (11/26/98)

  60. Counts faces and polygons of selected objects or the whole scene.
  61. CameraFaceCounter 0.2 BETA Encrypted (11/14/98)

  62. Counts all faces within a Camera View Cone.
    Updated: Log File output, more counters included, some bugs fixed.
  63. DeleteDoubleFaces 3.01 BETA Source (11/10/98)

  64. Detects DoubleFaces and removes them. (Fix to the STL-Check modifier problem).
    Updated: Batch-process multiple Nodes. Version 3.01 BUG FIX - works with MAX R2...
  65. Pick'N'Put 0.16 BETA Encrypted - MAX 2.5 required (11/8/98)

  66. Browse images and assign directly to objects as textures (a la DUP's Drag&Drop)
  67. CollectPlus 0.3 BETA Source (11/2/98)

  68. Collects Bitmaps including IFL contents in a single directory.
    Updated: Added options to convert all bitmaps to JPGs for VRML export.
  69. ControllerCenter 0.1 Beta Source (10/21/98)

  70. Mass-Assign PRS controllers to selected nodes, copy controllers from reference nodes to selection.
  71. ScripToons 0.46 Beta Encrypted Demo (10/1/98)

  72. A Cartoon Shading script. Take a MAX rendering and turn it into Cartoon-like imagery.
    Updated - AVI and FLC support implemented.
  73. RadioMapper Package 1.2 (incl. TexPlode) Convertible Demo (9/30/98)

  74. Radiosity Mapper. Takes RadioRay meshes imported using the MAX 2.5 VRML Importer or WorldGrabber and creates bitmaps representing the radiosity solution.
  75. ROCK Render 0.40 Beta Encrypted - MAX 2.5 Required! (9/21/98)

  76. RenderOnlyChangesKit Renderer - speeds up rendering of non-animated or partially animated views up to two times.
    Updated:Lots of new functions.
  77. FilmAge 0.40 Beta Encrypted Demo (7/7/98)

  78. Old Movie filter - adds scratches, dust particles, color and frame effects to animations.
    Updated:Implemented AVI and FLC movie saving. Added Width and Height controls for Dust Particles.
  79. ShapeScape 0.51 Beta Encrypted Demo (6/28/98)

  80. A bitmap tracing utility. Converts bitmaps into shapes.
    Updated: Improved speed and quality
  81. DIMaster 0.21 Beta Source (6/20/98)

  82. CAD-like Linear Dimensioning based on Tape Helper objects.
    Support for Rendering, Text and Arrow styles, colors, size and position etc.
    Updated - support for some common units (m,cm,km,mm, dec.feet, dec.inches)
  83. WORLD GRABBER 0.48 Beta Encrypted Demo (4/9/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  84. Imports a subset of VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0 and RadioRay VRML 1.
  85. EZLIST MAX 0.61 Beta Source (Bug Fix!) (2/11/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  86. A high-end Image File List editor and creator.
  87. MAXpuzzle 0.2 Beta Source (2/10/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  88. A simple puzzle game.
  89. TIME CENTER V1.31 Source (1/20/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY

  90. An SMPTE Navigator and Calculator. Includes an Animation Stepping option.