A little rigging/scripting help please....and Thank yous!

Hey Guys!

I"m planing on rigging a character in Max and the character rig needs to be scaleable as needed to fit any scene. I was wondering if Max had any scripts that gives an option to adjust the size of a character rig (even with skin added). I know that Maya dose with global scale but I"m not sure with Max. Can anyone help or give me a few tips..Thanks in advance...



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use Character node

Hi, when I create a rig, it can be useful to use the method outlined by br0t, but as he says, it can produce issues with scripted controllers.

One method I use is the Character Node. This menu set is hidden by default but can be added to a toolbar by the usual method of customizing the workspace.

I have found that it does not like mirrored bones or objects with negative scale (That is what rest Xform is for though) which may account for it being hidden. I always make the bones for each side (I wrote an auto rigging script to help with that)to avoid any issues. Providing you do this and make sure the naming convention is ok you can create a hierarchy using the Character Node. It is more or less the same as br0t`s method but has a few extra features to help with workflow.
If you have scripted controllers, you will have to note the scale factor and utilise it in the scripted controller.

For example, if you create a rig and bind it into a character node (or use br0t`s method)and are using the Paul Neale leg stretch method (from his great rigging series) and you create a Scalar variable which is assigned to a constant value of 100
, scaling the character node icon by 200%, or the controller as per br0t`s method, then you will have to adjust the scripted controller constant value to 200. If you know how, making the rig first and binding it into a character node, you can add the scale function into the stretch script so it gets updated on scling of the icon.

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Well I don't know what you're

Well I don't know what you're planning to do in your rig, but for me it has worked so far to simply have a master control/dummy, that you link everything else to and then simply scale that control. It can give you issues if you have any scripted controllers in the rig, that depend on a specific value, e.g. a stretchy leg expression, but otherwise for a simple rig it should do the job, no script needed at all.

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