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First post here, i thank in advance for your patiente.

Lets suppose i have a sphere: after convert it to Editable Mesh, it is possible to Explode all its polygons into new objects.
The problem is the following: all these new objects inherit original sphere Pivot coordinates.
I know it is possible, by using Hierarchy panel, to select all the new objects, turn on Affect Pivot only and center the pivot on each object.
But - this is the main point - i have no idea how to align the pivots to each object Local coordinates (maybe i could refer to this as "align to each object Normal", since each one is a single polygon).

Is it clear what i intende? If so someone can help me to solve this?
(i have no experience with code and maxscript, but maybe you can aid).


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The link to video

The link to video is:

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That worked, Kimarotta! I

That worked, Kimarotta!

I selected all the objects, converted it to Editable Poly, opened MaxScript Listener, paste the code into it and begin to hit Shift+Enter at each line. At the end, as you can see in video, all the Pivot points were aligned as i wanted.

As i have no experience with scripts, i just would like to ask how can a do to simply run that code without have to hit Shift+Enter at each line (sorry for the dumb question).

Thank you VERY much, Kimarotta!

The link to video is (maybe it is being yet processed at youtube):

Sou muito grato a você: obrigado.

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Select All Lines and "ENTER"

Select All Lines and "ENTER" in Numpad.
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I found this... by

I found this... by titane357

works with editable poly...

fn RotatePivotOnly obj index=
rot = (matrixFromNormal (polyop.getFaceNormal obj index)*obj.transform ) as quat
rotValInv=inverse rot
animate off in coordsys local obj.rotation*=RotValInv
for a in selection do
setrefCoordSys #local
CenterPivot a
theNormal=polyop.getFaceNormal a 1
RotatePivotOnly a 1
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Oi, Kamarotta. Sorry for my

Oi, Kamarotta.

Sorry for my poor english. I recorded a video: a sphere was converted to Editable Mesh, all the polygons were selected, then i called Explode all. After this, it is easy to see all their pivot points are the same of the original sphere. Using Hierarchy panel, turning on "affect pivot only", i center the pivot points at each object.

The problem then is: how can i orientate all the pivot points to each resultant object Local coordinates (or, saying another way, how to align the pivot point to each object Normal, since each one has a single Normal)?

At the final of the video, i just selected one object (a single face resultant of the explode operation) and tried to rotate it to reach the face Normal: it wasnt a accurate operation, because i am running here to record the video, so please disconsider the imperfect performance, made just to exemplify.

The video link is:

Obrigado pela atenção.

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I do not know if I understand

I do not know if I understand exactly what you want ... but follows a little help.

	for i in selection do i.pivot =
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