Assigning to the Linked X Form Modifier a selection that is in an array

Hello all you great community ! So... I am a real noob to scripting and am trying to do something that does not seem that complicated yet.... to me... it is ! So here is the thing... I have 30 boxes and 30 point helpers, all named from 1-30. What I am trying to achieve is to add a Linked_XForm modifier to each box and have them respectively use as a control object the Point associated to their array index. So... for Box001... Point001 for Box002... Point002 etc.... Here is what I've figured out so far : This script allows me to cycle through the array and select the number I chose as an index (haven't been able to automate this further yet... for example really using the [i])

objs = for i in $Point* collect
sort objs
objs = for i in objs collect (getNodeByName i)
index = #{4}
objs = for i in index collect (objs[i])

select objs

So I was all happy thinking at least I could finally use what was stored in my array... but no. Cause I would like to be able to for example write:

$.Linked_XForm.Control = objs

But that does not work.

So I tried this instead

a = $Box*** as array
apoint = $Point*** as array
LX = Linked_XForm name:"Linked XForm"

modpanel.addmodtoselection LX
LX.backTransform = off

for i = 1 to a.count do
a[i].Linked_XForm.Control = apoint[i]

That oddly retrieved always the same point... So I was actually wondering if this might have something to do with the fact that when maxscript creates a Linked_XForm modifier it creates it as an instance ! Does someone know how to tell it to break that instance and make unique a modifier not object ?

Hope all is clear ! Any help greatly appreciated as this is driving me crazy :)