Can't edit the “Main Toolbar”

Can't edit the “Main Toolbar”? I
would like to ether delete some buttons from the main toolbar. Or I
have started a new main toolbar but there are some tools unavailable
from the original, such as Selection Filter, Reference Coordinate
System, and so on. I thought all was available via “Customize”

Also how do you make a flyout toolbar

any help would be great



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It's possible but you'd need

It's possible but you'd need to go in and edit the Max core scripts. You're better off creating several macro buttons. Like Frantic did with Krakatoa. Then (What I would do. Option 1) customize your UI and add the macros/buttons to a custom toolbar. Save it and load that UI scheme when you want to use the tool. Or create a seperate macro that opens up your custom toolbar. Or (What I would do. Option 2) Create a macro that opens up your own UI that has all the buttons you want including drop down boxes that you can use as buttons.

Option 2 would be something more diluted than it's worth but it's an option if you have a flyout fetish.

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well, not specially with

well, not specially with screen draw methods
i'm just talking about the kind of flyout buttons like the scale tool for example or the selection region type button in max main toolbar.

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"scale tool" With screen

"scale tool"

With screen draw methods?

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Well, i thought there was an

Well, i thought there was an easiest way to do that, like a builtin flyout to do the trick like the scale tool flyout buttons...
Anyway. Thanks for your answer William. I'm going to try this method...

so long

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I assume you're talking

I assume you're talking about something like

If so you'll need the sdk and you'll need to develop a plugin.

An acceptible workaround for this would be to have a listbox that closes itself when you make a choice and opens up a seperate and appropriate listbox.

You can do this with some "isvisible" trickery. Make sure to include a cancel as the last item in the "new" listbox to close it and open up the "old" listbox or making a choice can be a one way ticket.

Hope you understood that.

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"how do you build

"how do you build Flyouts."

That's a list box. Maxscript reference.

Have fun.

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hello William Rickert


William Rickert says:
That's a list box.

what do you mean william ?

I'm also interested in creating flyouts in a toolbar and i don't find how to do this with list box...


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Customize->Customize user

Customize->Customize user interface

Select the toolbar tab

From there you can drag and drop icons from the list to the toolbar.

If you click the new button in that dialog, you can create a new group which should then be accessable when you right click on the main toolbar... which you can then drag around the screen and dock wherever you want to.


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Thanks Mr Wonka, This is

Thanks Mr Wonka, This is what I meant
to say:

The “Main Toolbar” is the default
button row at the top. If you undock it it will be labeled “Main
Toolbar”. Yes you can add and delete buttons to the “Main
Toolbar” but you can't edit the default buttons such as “Select
and Link”

There are 8 buttons I would like to
delete from the “Main Toolbar” How can you delete buttons from
the “Main Toolbar”


If I can't delete the buttons I wish
then the next thing it to rebuild a new bar with every thing but the
ones I don't want from the original “Main Toolbar” I have tried
this but there are drop down menus, flyouts and other buttons
unavailable from the Customize” interface.

This has reviled to me the the
question, how do you build Flyouts. That is buttons under buttons.
Like the selection flyout.


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i think you can , "alt+right

i think you can , "alt+right click and drag them out" to remove them from main tool bar

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