Create one incremental animated cam from all the other animated cams in the scene


I would like to be able to have a script that creates a single VRay camera from all the other animated cameras in the scene.

Let's say we have a interior apartment :
So If I have "Cam 01" and "Cam 02" that are both fly-through and animated from 0 to 100, I would like to have a "Cam ALL" that would snap each key-frames on "Cam 01" and copy them to "Cam ALL", then, for "Cam 02", snap all the key-frames from 0 to 100 from "Cam 02" onto "Cam All" from frame 101 to 200, etc.

This script would greatly diminish the time consuming part of creating GI passes in Vray.
We would be able to create in only one render, the GI for all the cams.

We often need to create 5-10 cams for each projects, although we use RPM to manage all this, handling the GI passes leads to a lot of manual and repetitive tasks that could be avoided by this script.

I could work on this script with the limited maxscript knowledge I have, but I would need help for the initial theory of how collecting all the data from the cams and parse them incrementally to the "Cam All"