Creating an automation process to automatically render when new maps are created.

I have a basic scene with a grocery store display that I regularly render out with different art elements. I Also have a batch render setup for multiple cameras that sends it to a farm to render out the different views. As I create or receive new artwork, I then have to open up the Max file, update to the new map, then run the batch again and save out the Max File with a new name. Depending on the project I might have to do this up to a dozen times in a sitting.
I’m looking for a good way to further automate this. So in a perfect world when a new map is placed into the folder Max will then automatically:
1. Open
2. Update the map,
3. Batch to the render farm
4. Save with new name and close the file.
Is this even possible? I am new to max script but don’t mind spending time learning more about it if I can set up this automation.

Thank you for any ideas or help.


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3D Automation Update

Just wanted to post that I've made a lot of progress with Automation in 3DsMax. I learned a lot about Command Line Rendering and using that plus the setup I have in the Batch Render does a ton of the work for me.

I have a template studio I use in Max and I call some really basic functions in the command prompt.
-batchrender "\\server\temp\3D\displayTest.max"

I use the sceneState callout which allows me to use one max file template and render a variety of option with just a simple change
-sceneState:1 = Display with top Graphic
-sceneState:2 = Display with bottom Graphic
and so on

I'm still having issues with re naming and re placeing bitmaps. I'm not having much luck with -pathFile: in command line. I'm also trying to rename them through Max Script and that's a work in progress as well.

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I think it is really hard to

I think it is really hard to perform, it will using external file monitoring.I dont know about that, but maybe using dotnet you can do it.

2nd : update the map automatic , first I want to ask , is the map over wrote or you place it in another folder. if another folder , then it will more harder. Second : are the new map same as old one? if different its more difficult. you have to perform it manually

to ease this is . copy old texture to another folder [later you can use relink bitmap], copy your new texture to current texture folder, rename it as the old name [you can use "better file rename" progy if you organize your texture name from begining / use from text feature --maybe].

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DotNet is a good idea

DotNet is a good idea. I can have our IT help me with that, they have coded a few things for me in the past.

The art would fit the same die-line so it should fall right into place once the link is updated. At the moment I have all the art in the same folder but with different names. So for example: Holiday_Riser_option_A.jpg , Holiday_Riser_option_B.jpg are all in the elements folder.

I didn't think about renaming them. I could have a new folder in which I just rename the art "Riser" each time. Max would automatically update it.

So in theory lets say I have a DotNet script that checks the elements folder and when the Riser.jpg has been updated it launches the batch. Max would then automatically update the map because it has the same name and in the same folder. Now I just need a way to keep the output renderings from over writing each other. I don't want Holiday option A to get overwritten by Holiday option B images. Do you think a DotNet might be able to handle that as well?

Thank so much for your help.

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