Delete double segments in a spline - (Select Specific Knots & Delete)

Hi, i try to delete double segments in a spline:

i find knotPoints which have the same position, and try to get their Segment Idx & Knot Index to delete the segments

deleteKnot (shape) (spline_index_integer) (knot_index_integer)

... but i got stuck.
here is what i have so far (sry if it is stupid)
maybe someone can help me and give a little tip?
iam not realy good in scripting... still learning :)
Looking forward , best regards sno

theArray =#()
pos =#()
spl = selection[1]
duplKnots =#()
for s = 1 to (numsplines spl) do
	for k = 1 to (numknots spl s) do 
		format "spline_%_knot_%_pos = %\n" s k (getKnotPoint spl s k) 
		pos = getKnotPoint spl s k
		append theArray pos
--- sucht nach doppelten vertices 
print "Before:"
print theArray
fn compareSubArrays first second =
  result = true
  if first.count != second.count then
    result = false
    for i = 1 to first.count do
  if first[i] != second[i] do result = false
for i = 1 to theArray.count do
  for j = theArray.count to i+1 by -1 do
    --format "Comparing %:% to %:% \n" i theArray[i] j theArray[j]
    test = (compareSubArrays theArray[i] theArray[j])
    if test do
	  append duplKnots j
      deleteItem theArray j
      format"Deleting %\n"j		
  )--end j loop
)--end i loop
print theArray
print duplKnots

--Now iam not sure whats the next step:
I tried in different version getting the index of the duplicates to specifiy which knots i want to delete - but without success.