Dotnet & Datatable


I am looking a way to modify a specific value in a Datatable.

here my datable :

local dt = dotnetobject """Test"
local column1 = dotnetobject "System.Data.DataColumn" "CheckBox" (dotnetclass "System.boolean")
local column2 = dotnetobject "System.Data.DataColumn" "AssetName" (dotnetclass "System.String")
local column3 = dotnetobject "System.Data.DataColumn" "AssetType" (dotnetclass "System.String")
local column4 = dotnetobject "System.Data.DataColumn" "ProgressBar" (dotnetclass "System.Int32")
local column5 = dotnetobject "System.Data.DataColumn" "UploadStatut" (dotnetclass "System.String")
dt.columns.add Column1
dt.columns.add Column2
dt.columns.add Column3
dt.columns.add Column4
dt.columns.add Column5
for i = 0 to 2 do 
local row=#(true , "test01", "test02", 10 , "test03") 
dt.rows.add row

I trying to do it with
dt.Rows[2][2] = "New Value"

But it return an error :
No ""get"" function for dotNetObject:System.Data.DataRowCollection

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,