Fireworks and Maxscript

First off i'm VERY SORRY if this kind of post isnt allowed!

Basically i'm a TOTAL novice at 3D studio max. It's a new programme ive had to try and learn for a module at uni and unfortunately it just has not sunk in with me.

As the title says i have to make a firework animation with NO particle effects.

I dont even know where to start...can anyone just give me a simple Maxscript i can see and work with to get me on the right tracks pleae?

Thanks in advance :)


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i'm a second year Computer

i'm a second year Computer Games Production student. But our course really doesnt cover coding. We've only been doing this 3ds module since January and even then we have only very briefly looked at Maxscript. All our workshops were following the tutorials on 3ds like the creating chess pieces one and so on.

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seems like overkill

I can see what your tutor wants and it is a good exercise in developing scripting, especially as you say you are a novice. What year and course are you on?
Initially, I thought of creating a script that creates and makes objects into MassFX objects with animated textures, but this would probably be more difficult than you need it to be.

Still pondering.....

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Thanks for the pointers

Thanks for the pointers people :)

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very good and simple solution

very good and simple solution to this is what you suggested br0t.
Then you can combine scripts like *KeyTransfer* or *La Ola* for delaying effect or *SuperFlow* super formula written by Anubis:
SuperFlow video

for i in 1 to (selection.count - 1) do append $[i].children $[i + 1]
for i in 2 to selection.count do $[i].pivot = $[1].pivot	
for i = 2 to selection.count do selection[i].rotation.controller = selection[1].rotation.controller

Maybe someone have better idea then this.


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Most definitely without

Most definitely without particle effects...our tutor did say the normal way to do it would be with them but he wants to make it hard so we can get to grips with the programme. That would be great if i could actually use it!

this is part of my brief:


Develop a script to procedurally generate a firework animation (do *not* use the
built in particle systems).

The objective of this assignment is to create a 10 second animation of a fireworks display. Each student should create an environment for their display to take place. This should be similar in scope and complexity to (although not based on) the “Level Design” tutorial that they will complete during the workshop sessions. It maybe a landscape or a cityscape and should be designed to be well suited for a fireworks event (i.e. lit at night). Each student is also required to create a 3D
Studio Max Script Tool that creates a firework animation. Various extensions are possible (as suggested on the CRG) but essentially a menu should offer some configuration options and a button press should construct a rocket object, propel it into the air and cause it to explode in a shower of glittering debris. Finally, this tool should be used to create a fireworks display and a final render produced.

Hand in: 03/05/2012

By the way you guys are awesome for getting back to me. Like i said, it's just a new programme i personally just cannot get to grips with so any simple frameworks and anything like that you could send my way for me to get a start with would be much appreciated

Thanks again :)

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Are you sure you have to do it without particles? Ask your tutor again as it sounds like they may have written the module wrong. It could be done, but would take too long. If it is correct, can you post the content of the module requirements so we can see what they want you to do. It may make for an interesting challenge.

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why are you not allowed to

why are you not allowed to use particles? you know you can use a particle system to move any object, e.g. boxes or whatever and you can bake out that movement as simple keyframes? I dont see any reason to not use it

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Without particles? :)

No easy way to do this without particles. If you new in max
then start with this tutorial:


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