get enabled state of actionMans

Under help for ActionMans it states here under is checked:

.isChecked : boolean : Read
Contains the Checked state of the ActionItem as determined by its isChecked event handler.

Why does it not recognise any enabled button.

Say for instance you open up SME>Click a node>Hide unsed node.
So that enables the button. Surely when you run the code below it should be listed as enabled.

Thanks for any help with this. Perhaps a bug lies here. I'm using max 2016. OR do I have to somehow get the hwnd of the SME too?

for i = 1 to actionMan.numActionTables-1 where (actionMan.getActionTable i).name == "SME" do
	atbl = actionMan.getActionTable i
	format "% ID:% Name:'%' ContextID:% ContextName:'%' NumActionItems:%\n" i atbl.contextID atbl.contextName atbl.numActionItems
	for j = 1 to atbl.numActionItems do
		aitm = atbl.getActionItem j
		aitm.getDescription &desc
		chkd = aitm.isChecked
		aitm.getCategory &cat
		aitm.getButtonText &btn
		aitm.getMenuText &mnu
		hasicon = aitm.hasIcon()
		if hasicon then
			aitm.getIconFileName &iconfile
			iconfile = filenamefrompath iconfile
			iconindex = aitm.getIconIndex()
			format "\t% ID:% Desc:'%' IsChecked:'%' Cat:'%' BtnTxt:'%' MnuTxt:'%' Icon:[%,%] \n" j desc chkd cat btn mnu iconfile iconindex
		format "\t% ID:% Desc:'%' IsChecked:'%' Cat:'%' BtnTxt:'%' MnuTxt:'%'\n" j desc chkd cat btn mnu