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Can someone suggest any good books on max scripts or tutorials? I'm constantly fighting with max script help, so I will like to have some other source of information available. I have find one book on max scripts on Amazon, but it's some old book dated to 2002 or something like that... I would like something up to date ;)
Tnx guys.


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Hey Koberko, I was in the

Hey Koberko,
I was in the same boat as you about a year ago. I'm self taught in Maxscript and didn't really know where to start when doing tutorials or finding good resources. I found the Maxscript Fundamentals was a good starter book. But the best way to learn maxscript in my opinion is to re-engineer some of the working functions in max. My first script was a recreation of the sphere primitive creator. Copying the rollout parameters helped me learn about Rollouts, checkboxes, radiobuttons, spinners, and buttons. Not to mention Event Handlers, functions, Loops, If/Then statements and Arrays. Even though there is already a sphere creator in max. re creating that function taught me alot. I would suggest to keep creating different scripts even if they exsist already. Also checkout the video tutorials on this site that John Wainwright created. They are really good at explaining maxscript features in a simple but depth way. Hope this helps!
Here is the link to John's video tutorials =

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Hi. Tnx for

Tnx for replay!
Fortunately, I have to make scripts for my work, because I constantly do things that are repetitive and time consuming, so punting all of that in scripts saves me a lot of time in long run. And I find it kind of fun to make scripts ;)

But I constantly run in to problems, because I'm still a beginner in scripting; latest problem was fact that I wasn't aware that array can be bitarray. This particular script is made because I have to use max 2009 because I plugins for exporting to realtime engine and materials for that engine, works only on 2009 max. But 2011 has some cool and useful tools that I use a lot, and sometimes I have to export objects that have multisub materials from 2011 to 2009. For that I have made script that detaches faces by material IDs to separated objects, that are named by material ID. That way I have objects that are named "1", "2", "3", and so on. Then I export them as obj, import in 2009 and use different script that assigns mat. IDs to those objects according to object names (obj with name "1", gets ID 1, with name "2" gets ID 2), and then, attaches them all to single object.

And actually, when I think about it, maybe I'm doing this totally wrong; I learn scripting when I need it, and for that particular task. Maybe better way to learn it will be doing it in some order, and not jumping around as I do... But unfortunately, I lack free time to do that, so I'm kind of forced to do it this way...

I will check those tutorials and I have manage to find a bit "newer" version of Maxscript Fundamentals on Amazon (for max 9; previous I have find was edition from year 2000), so I will probably order that one.

P.S. What's up with web site?? Google has find me some tutorials about scripting from them, but all I can find are some pirated versions to download, and cg-academy site doesn't work. I will prefer to buy original then download pirated version.
And has anybody seen those tutorials? Are they any good?

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