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I want to create a GUI that is basically a ton of buttons with different images, where each button runs a command who's name is based on the names of other scripts i have.

First, I don't know how to house all the buttons on a grid so that there is a scroll bar if need be.

Second, I want the buttons to be created depending on the files in my script folder. Each button will run a script in my script folder.

In summary, the buttons need to be generated, but I don't know how to procedurally create buttons, their names, and what they do (even though all that info is given by the title of the files in the script folder.)


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buttons are not solution for

buttons are not solution for that.
better try to use listbox, listview, or dopdown list.


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ok, i figured it out. now I

ok, i figured it out.

now I want to run commands i'v loaded in as strings.

for example:

myFiles[nameIndex] = "ringBolt()"

I want to run the command ringBolt()

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execute "ringBolt()"


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strange, it didn't do what i

strange, it didn't do what i expected.

Basically, I have converted a bunch of greebles into plugins using that primitive maker script. (
I want to make a GUI that will let me browse through my primitives quickly. So i now have a listbox that automatically loads in all my plugins and when I select one, it spawns a primitive at the origin.
At the top of the GUI, an image of the currently selected greeble is displayed.

What I want it to do is make it exactly like when you click on one of "create primitive" buttons... where u can create and re-size a primitive when u click in a viewport.

So I guess my question is, whats the difference between running Box() in the listener, and actually clicking the button? and how can I replicate the button click in a listbox?

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Use this line [your plugin class]


StartObjectCreation Box
StartObjectCreation Line
StartObjectCreation Teapot


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Kinda back to the last

Kinda back to the last problem tho.
I keep getting this error: --Runtime error:startObjectCreation() requires a scene object class parameter, got "eyeBolt04"

Since it thinks eyeBolt04 is a string, it doesn't know what to do.
I tried it in the listener, and it works perfectly if I type in:
StartObjectCreation eyeBolt04

I just need to convert the string "eyeBolt04" into the command eyeBolt04.

Then my script will be finished!

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Try this

Try doing what you did before with execute "ringBolt()" except create a new string with the StartObjectCreation

--Provided myFiles[nameIndex] is the string
Execute ("StartObjectCreation " + myFiles[nameIndex])

Or you could also use

StartObjectCreation (readvalue ("eyeBolt" as stringstream))

Also make sure its the classof of the object and nt th nam as barigazy has stated.

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thx! it works perfectly!

thx! it works perfectly!

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new problem. lol I am trying

new problem. lol

I am trying to update a bitmap everytime I click on an option in the listbox.

Here's what I tried, but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Global String displayImage = "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\plugins\greebles\images\blank.jpg"
bitmap templateBmp fileName: displayImage

--on testbox selection do:
displayImage = "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\plugins\greebles\images\\" + finalString + ".jpg"
reload templateBmp

--finalString is the name of the image selected in the listbox

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Are you trying to get

Are you trying to get something to change every time you change the selection of the listbox?

Are we talking about a Bitmap UI controller or are you referring to a simple bitmap?

Also doesn't hurt to throw up your actually code with to get and idea of what you are doing wrong and what could be done better.

I normally create a function with in the rollout called UpdateUI and just have the function run with each event handler to keep copies of code to a minimum. Also help in keeping debugging to a minimum if I only need to fix it in one place.

fn UpdateUI =
   --have all my code which affects the presentation of the ui go here

and then when i run an event handler for one of my controllers i always add the funtion to be executed last

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