Help With Scripting (Matrix)


If i wanted to Modify an matrix with rotations translations and scaling how would i do it.

So far i have this:

button zero_matrix "Blank Matrix" align:#left offset:[0,45] ---Creates Blank Matrix and Messages
on zero_matrix pressed do
mymatrix = matrix3 0
messageBox "Blank Matrix Created"
button identity_matrix "Identity Matrix" align:#left---Creates Identity Matrix and Messages
on identity_matrix pressed do
mymatrix = matrix3 1
messageBox "Identity Matrix Created"
button translate_matrix "Translate Matrix"
on translate_matrix pressed do
mytransM = transMatrix [10, 20, 30]
mymatrix= mymatrix*mytransM

createDialog test_button 500 400

Does this look right and how do i translate scale and roatate

Any help would be lovely