How to make work gw.hpolygon?

Example from maxscript reference:

-- Draw some primitives 
gw.hPolyline #([300,50,16], [300,200,8], [450,250,4]) true 
gw.hPolygon #([200,100,16], [280,100,8], [250,200,4]) \ 
#(red, blue, green) \ 
#([1.0,.5,0], [0.5,0.5,0], [0,0,0.5]) 
-- Update the viewports 
gw.enlargeUpdateRect #whole 

Supposed to draw line and polygon, but only line is drawn. The only way I was able to see poly, was switching to software rendering, which is not an option.

So, how to make gw.hpolygon work with DX rendering?