MacroRecorder Problem !

Hi Guys,

3D Studio Max 2009 / 32 bit / Windows XP

Any idea what might go wrong?

For whatever reason Macro Recorder is not generating any script at all in the MaxScript Listener window. Null !

The only thing what is visible in the Listener windows after startup are messages from startup scripts:
MAXScript Mini ListenerMenu Title:
"Capture Animation"
"Constrain with Ragdoll"
"Batch Importer"
"Batch Exporter"
"Pose Mixer"
"Rig Resizer"
"Apply Max IK"
"Layer Manager"
Since then, I can type and execute commands in the Script Listener but Macro Recoder simply does not record anything :-(

Is there anything special to switch macro-recording feature on besides enabling it in the Listener???

Any ideas? The issue is really nasty !