maxOps.cloneNodes #instance on groups

Alright. This problem has been bugging me for a while now and I still haven't found out how to fix it. When I clone groups with MaxOps.cloneNodes #instance, the objects within that group are seemingly linked to eachother. If I drill into the group and break the links, the original group gets moved around.
Is there another way I should be approaching this?

edit Here's a scriptlet that sets up this situation. Once you run it, rotate one of the teapots, the original will rotate too. How do I stop this behavior?

myPot1 = teapot radius:15 name:"teapot1" pos:[0,-20,0] segs:5
myPot2 = teapot radius:10 name:"teapot2" pos:[0,20,0] segs:5
myGroup = group #(myPot1, myPot2) name:"teapots" select:true
maxOps.cloneNodes myGroup cloneType:#instance offset:[40,0,0] newNodes:&newGroup
setGroupOpen newGroup[1] true
select newGroup[2]