a little professional help please!!

i'm an architect who was using revit from autodesk. i have switched to 3ds max for market demand due to revit's less realistic rendering.

every thing worked great. but as some of the architects around me started to ask me to do some sectional rendered diagrams. in revit it's gust a stroke of a line that indicates the section location. and the i could view it or even render it later. in 3ds max there are some difficulties with this operation. specially when i have hundreds of objects with deferent types of them. and of course using the slice on them is not easy.

so i was asking if there is some kind of a script or someone has an idea of making a script for this problem. could i be noticed or told about it.

there are two pictures posted for explaining how revit does it. although they are not that helping it's a plan and the section line through the plan and the section that is derived from it.

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I dont know if the plugin

I dont know if the plugin itself is still relavant, but i know cebas's Skalpel was made pretty much for that


maybe you can hijack a demo out of them to see if it will do what you're looking for. although in the past they haven't been very forthcoming ;) 

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thanks kopar for the

thanks kopar for the reply.

is there a tutorial that explains how to use them?

or even what are they?


thanks to anyone that helped so far 

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A non-script-based solution

A non-script-based solution is to use ProBooleans (or regular booleans). They aren't the most stable or the fastest, but they are flexible and generally provide excellent quality (they can also be animated if needed)


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thank you so much for

thank you so much for replying

what you'v suggested dosent work that well with me. although it really clipps the view, it dosent look like a section that is going through the project

 again thank you

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hello squall, i con offer

hello squall, i con offer you a small workaround if i correctly understood your question.
Did you try the Viewport Clipping its really similar to the clip plane from autocad( i guess revit is between 3ds max and autocad?)
You can find it with a right-click on the viewport name (top left) after just move the small slider to adjust the plane.

i hope that help


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