Maxscript Normals Issue

I`m building a mesh importer and I got a problem. When I apply a texture on the build mesh object it looks inverted(TEXT, numbers). Flipping normals don`t do any good. And I can`t seem to find an answer in the help files.

So I suspect it has to be done before the mesh is build from vert and face arrays?
here`s the snip of my script

--Build Mesh From Arrays
mesh1 = mesh vertices:Vert_array faces:Face_array
mesh1.numTVerts = UV_array.count
buildTVFaces mesh1
for j = 1 to nm_array.count do meshop.setMapVert mesh1 1 j nm_array[j]
for j = 1 to Face_array.count do meshop.setMapFace mesh1 1 j Face_array[j]

anyone has any clues?