maxScript to google doc spreadsheet


First thing, thank you for this amazing community and the amazing scripts and tools you share.

Here is my problem
I successfully linked max to excel, allowing me to send/update data from my scene assets to an specific excel spreadsheet.
Now I'd like to push that further and to send/update data to an spreadsheet in google docs.

I tried to access to google docs via internet explorer
browser = CreateOLEObject "InternetExplorer.Application"

but then I don`t know how to get the google doc OLE commands that I can use in max to update the google doc.

While in excel is fairly easy to do
xcell = CreateOLEObject "Excel.Application""c:/temp.xls")
xcell.visible = true
select geometry
sceneObjects = getCurrentSelection()
for i=1 to sceneObjects.count do
xcell.application.Range("A"+(i as string)).value = sceneObjects[i].name
xcell.application.Range("B"+(i as string)).value = sceneObjects[i]

Thank you!