New to scripting

Hey all,

I've lurked around here for awhile and figured i should start asking some questions now that i'm getting my feet wet more in maxscript :)

Let the hair pulling begin haha

I'm looking to select a bunch of helpers in my scene and see if their Y axis is facing up. If it's is facing up do nothing. If it isn't facing up i'd like it to store the name of the helper that isn't facing up so it can be printed out later.

--So i need to select the helpers in the scene

select helpers or select $HLPR_* --select the helpers named "HLPR_"

--Then run through a check

for obj in $ do
if rotation of helper is Y up then

do nothing or print something saying it's okay
rotate the bone so that the Y axis is facing up

i'm finding it a little confusing reading the online reference. Yes it's beceause i'm a noob