Offset Verts to face normal

What I'm trying to do is move the verts of the tube object, so they are align to the normal + an offset from the faces found at the end of the box, which are faces 9,10. See attached image for reference.


delete objects b = box width:30 length:80 height:2 wirecolor:blue convertToMesh b --collapse to Editable_Mesh move b [random -10 10,random -10 10,random 0 10] rotate b (eulerAngles (random -360 360) (random -360 360) (random -360 360)) --meshop.extrudeFaces b #{9..10} 5.0 0.0 dir:#common --extrude the single face t = tube radius1:4 radius2:2 sides:8 heightsegs:1 wirecolor:yellow convertToMesh t --collapse to Editable_Mesh -- Move TUBE's verts to align to the normal of faces #{9..10}

aligntoface.jpg79.68 KB