Problem create bones

hi, first ,excuse my english.
I am trying create system bones in maxscript, but there are two bones that are rotation.
How I can fix it?

this it's the code used:

if ((BonesCreator != undefined) and (BonesCreator.isdisplayed)) do
	(destroyDialog BonesCreator)
rollout BonesCreator "Bonescreator" 
	local refBonesR01
	local refBonesR02
	local refBonesR03
	local refBonesL01
	local refBonesL02
	local refBonesL03
	button createRef "referencia" width:60 height:30
	button createBones "Bones" width:60 height:30
	on createRef pressed do
	refBonesL01 = point pos:[10,0,60] size:3 wirecolor:[0,255,0]
	refBonesL02 = point pos:[10,-10,35] size:3 wirecolor:[0,255,0]
	refBonesL03 = point pos:[10,0,10] size:3 wirecolor:[0,255,0]
	refBonesR01 = point pos:[-10,0,60] size:3 wirecolor:[0,255,0]
	refBonesR02 = point pos:[-10,-10,35] size:3 wirecolor:[0,255,0]
	refBonesR03 = point pos:[-10,0,10] size:3 wirecolor:[0,255,0]
	on createBones pressed do
			drefBonesR01 = refBonesR01.pos 
			drefBonesR02 = refBonesR02.pos
			drefBonesR03 = refBonesR03.pos
			drefBonesL01 = refBonesL01.pos 
			drefBonesL02 = refBonesL02.pos
			drefBonesL03 = refBonesL03.pos
			BonesRFk01 = boneSys.createBone drefBonesR01 drefBonesR02 drefBonesR01 
			BonesRFk02 = boneSys.createBone drefBonesR02 drefBonesR03 drefBonesR02
			BonesRFk0End =  bone pos:drefBonesR03
			BonesLFk01 = boneSys.createBone drefBonesL01 drefBonesL02 drefBonesL01 
			BonesLFk02 = boneSys.createBone drefBonesL02 drefBonesL03 drefBonesL02
			BonesLFk0End =  bone pos:drefBonesL03
			BonesRFk01.rotation.controller.x_rotation = 0.0
			BonesLFk01.rotation.controller.x_rotation = 0.0
			BonesRFk0End.Parent = BonesRFk02   
			BonesRFk02.parent = BonesRFk01
			BonesLFK0End.Parent = BonesLFK02   
			BonesLFK02.parent = BonesLFK01
createDialog BonesCreator