problem with pflow in conjunction with a self made birthscript


i tried to create an own type of fireworks via pflow with the help of the in 3ds max included birtscript. I changed the birthscript a liitle to my needs.

So far all works fine. 12 particles will created over time in more and more shorter time steps. But if I add/ activate a Force operator, which includes a Gravity, i get unwanted additional particles. I gues this effect comes because the Force 02 in my script and the BirthScript collide anywhere.

I hope anyone of you will find a solution. I'm a newbie in scripting and a beginner in pflow.

I attached 2 screenshot - one with Force 02 on and one with Force 02 off. The red dots markes the guesed original 12 particles. Furthermore I attached two 3ds max 2009 files. One with Force 02 off and one with Force 02 on. So surely it would be also work if you switch it on and off in only one file.

If there exist a better place in the www to discuss this pflow/birthscript problem I would be also glad for any recommendation.

090406_01_rockets organ_Force02_off_english_comments_in_birthscript.max112 KB
090406_01_rockets organ_Force02_on_english_comments_in_birthscript.max112 KB
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