Render to texture default padding value

Hi, I'm new to scripting and I don't know much about this kind of stuff but I managed to find a few things by myself but I'm still stuck. What I want to do is to change the default value of the padding in the "render to texture" floating menu (Default shortcut key "zero"). The padding is under the "Selected Object Settings" group and the default value is 2. So I opened the MacroScript "Macro_BakeTextures.mcr" in the "UI/MacroScript" folder, found the spinner settings on line 4472 which was:

spinner sDilations "Padding: " enabled:false range:[0,64,2]

So I changed the 2 at the end of the line for a 10, which would be my new default value, restarted max and opened the render to texture dialog, and the spinner indicated 10 as the new value. But the option is greyed out because I don't have anything selected. When I create an object in my scene and select it, the padding option spinner becomes available but the default value resets to "2" at this moment. So I guess there has to be another value to change somewhere?

If you could help me, thant would be very appreciated.