Rotation and Normals

Good Evening,
I have several Questions regarding Rotation and Normals in 3ds Max. Any help would be appreciated :)

(1) The first one would be when i try to disply my Normal direction through a Helper Object I dont understand why it gets Positioned where it gets Positioned. (GetNorm) is in this regards the same I excpect that the Normals at least if its the Vertex Normals will be aligend wwith the Edit Normal Modifer (with a high size). I hope its somehow clear where i lack understanding.

point02 = (getFaceNormal myMesh 5)
p2 = point pos:point02

--this one works as excpected

point01 = myRay.pos // ray object
p2 = point pos:point01

(2) I tried to figure out how i could calculate an Angle between two Normals which didnt work well so if someone has an Idear what would be the best way to archieve this or has an website with an good example i would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
Greets EliderDeli