StereoCam Plugin

Ok so as said in the comment previously im gonna whip up a quick plugin for stereoscopy

The way ive layed it out in my head so far is like:

-extend the dummy plugin to start off with
-have the left/rightShift and targetDistance as UI Vars
-dynamically create/update 2 cams that use the dummys z and y position offset on x by shift/2 and then take the vector from target to each cam to project them to the right z distance

the usual dummy will be invisible and the targetObject part of the dummy and not moveAble except for its dist to the pivot
means youll have 2 cams next to eachother and a dummy targetObject with it's pivot between the cams
the cams itself i plan to save in a nodeArray inside the dummy plug so they can be updated when the dummys displayMesh (at the targetPos) is redrawn

edit: just gotta wrap the whole thing into a nice plugin gift paper tomorrow and it should be good to go, still havent decided on the helper's displayMesh yet but im either gonna stick with the pyramid or a sphere

something like that ^^
thoughts, requests?


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thats quite a nice idea but

thats quite a nice idea but then again you can also store a scripted plugin in a persistent global ;)
question is how to execute it when the file is opened without any other code..
scripted controllers come to mind but afaik they eval much too late for that

yeah ive worked with a single camera and offset in the past and it always resulted in not so good pictures. this is afair my 4th stereoscopy tool
the cameras are normal target cams, the only custom thing is the helper plugin used to set them up so even if someOne doesnt have the plugin he can still render the scene. he wont be able to use any of the plugins functions or change the cam's animation tho

you got any ideas on how to store a scripted plugin in the scene so it evals propperly when the file opens?

Raphael Steves

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Hey there

If I ever get around to finishing Render3D v2.0 here is what it will generally look like:
(click to get a closer look)

I am trying to avoid a modifier / plugin (as I've seen in other approaches).   Instead I'm using CustomAttributes and Gizmos so a scene could be opened on any machine without errors caused by lack of plugin/modifier. (And without actually creating a pair of cameras; this will be done at render time)

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