Strange error in Rtt Script I am working on.

I am getting some errors in a RTT Script I am working on. I have pinged alot of my buddies and co workers who write max script and no one knows.

Issue 1: When I render a texture whos height and width dimensions are the same it works great.
When I render a texture whos Height is greater than its width it works as expected and streteches the image(or rendering it correctly if it is setup for 1:2 ect...)
However if I render a texture whos width dimension is greater than its hieght dimension it is acting like it is rendering out a square texture then it just crops off the bottom.
512x512 fine
512x1024 fine
1024x512 it gives me the top half of a 1024x1024 rendered image.

Issue 2: The array that the renderer is supposed to store my bitmaps for my rendered elements is not getting populated.

bitz = #()
render rendertype:#bakeselected frame:sliderTime renderelements:true renderelementbitmaps:&bitz vfb:off quiet:true

bitz[1] is showing up as undefined

Issue 3: The renderer is overwriting my bitmaps in render elements with whichever render element I added last.


add diffusemap
add normalmap
add specmap
add lightmap

display diffuze.bitmap -- this displayed the rendered lightmap instead of hte diffuse map

Any help would be greatly appreciated

here is a version of the script.

TexHeight = 512
TexWidth = 1024
BakeObj = $
BakeElements = BakeObj.INodeBakeProperties
BakeElements.bakeChannel = 1
BakeObjs = #()
makedir (maxfilepath + "\\BakedTextures\\")
BakeObjpath = (maxfilepath + "\\BakedTextures\\")
TexPath = (maxfilepath + "\\BakedTextures\\")

maptype = "Normal"
BakeObjNormal = normalsMap()
BakeObjNormal.outputszx =TexWidth
BakeObjNormal.outputszy =TexHeight
BakeObjNormal.enabled = true
BakeObjNormal.filename = ($.name + "_" + maptype)
BakeObjNormal.filetype = ".png"
BakeElements.addBakeElement BakeObjNormal
NormalFile = (TexPath + BakeObjNormal.filename + BakeObjNormal.filetype)

maptype = "Diffuse"
BakeObjDiffuse = diffuseMap()
BakeObjDiffuse.lightingon = true
BakeObjDiffuse.shadowson = true
BakeObjDiffuse.outputszx =TexWidth
BakeObjDiffuse.outputszy =TexHeight
BakeObjDiffuse.enabled = true
BakeObjDiffuse.filename = ($.name + "_" + maptype)
BakeObjDiffuse.filetype = ".png"
BakeElements.addBakeElement BakeObjDiffuse
DiffuseFile = (TexPath + BakeObjDiffuse.filename + BakeObjDiffuse.filetype)

maptype = "Specular"
BakeObjSpecular = SpecularMap()
BakeObjSpecular.outputszx =TexWidth
BakeObjSpecular.outputszy =TexHeight
BakeObjSpecular.enabled = true
BakeObjSpecular.filename = ($.name + "_" + maptype)
BakeObjSpecular.filetype = ".png"
BakeElements.addBakeElement BakeObjSpecular
SpecularFile = (TexPath + BakeObjSpecular.filename + BakeObjSpecular.filetype)

maptype = "Light"
BakeObjLight = LightingMap()
BakeObjLight.directOn = true
BakeObjLight.indirectOn = true
BakeObjLight.shadowson = true
BakeObjLight.outputszx =TexWidth
BakeObjLight.outputszy =TexHeight
BakeObjLight.enabled = true
BakeObjLight.filename = ($.name + "_" + maptype)
BakeObjLight.filetype = ".png"
BakeElements.addBakeElement BakeObjLight
LightFile = (TexPath + BakeObjLight.filename + BakeObjLight.filetype)

render rendertype:#bakeselected frame:sliderTime outputwidth:TexWidth outputheight:TexHeight outputfile:BakeObjPath renderelements:true renderelementbitmaps:&BakeObjs vfb:on quiet:true
BakeObjBM = BakeObjnormal.bitmap
BakeObjBM.Filename = normalfile
save BakeObjBM quiet:true


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strangely i took these out

strangely i took these out and my cropping problem went away
renderelements:true renderelementbitmaps:&BakeObjs

but I still have the other issue of hte renderelements bitmaps getting overridded anyone have any ideas?

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Shameless Bump Because there

Shameless Bump Because there is little to no RTT documentation.

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