Using objects(spline knot position) in a scripted plugin.

For a while I have been trying to get my plugin, SpiroTube to be able to use a spline, each knot being a position.
I have managed to get it to work, but not without severe lag.
Using the actual node as a parameter of the plugin works, but lags.
I have also tried using a string(with the array of points converted to a string), but that lags aswell(The actual plugin isnt using anything connected to the shape, it just has a string, with the array points generated outside of the plugin).
I also tried a #point3Tab, with the same results as above.

All of these create lag(even with 2 points, it has a very noticeable effect on FPS), and I have been unable to find a way to get this to work without a large effect on performance.

Is there another way, or some way to make the listed methods quicker?