wiring custom attributes (parameter rollout error)

Hi - First off let just say that I am brand new to scripting so my problems are more than likely simple to fix. Also just to let you know I am using max 2008.

I am trying create custom attributes on a point helper that will control parts of a character (morph target, eye movement, noise modifier). The UI is all setup and works great (created mainly through using the VMS). However when I start adding in the parameters for my sliders etc I get the following error....

-- Syntax error: at keyword parameter, expected name
-- In line: parameters rollout:E

The script is not complete but here is where i am at so far:

cust_attrib = attributes "Phoenix Controls"
parameters rollout:EyeLidControls
blink type:#worldunits ui:spn1
Horizontal type:#worldunits ui:spn2
Verticle type:#worldunits ui:spn3
Inwards type:#worldunits ui:spn5
Up type:#worldunits ui:sld3
Down type:#worldunits ui:sld4
Horizontal type:#worldunits ui:sld5
Strength type:#worldunits ui:spn7
X type:#worldunits ui:spn8
Y type:#worldunits ui:spn9
Z type:#worldunits ui:spn10
rollout EyeLidControls "Phoenix" width:165 height:622
groupBox eyeLids "Eye Lid Controls" pos:[5,5] width:155 height:90
slider sld1 "Blink" pos:[16,33] width:129 height:44
groupBox Eyes "Eye Controls" pos:[5,100] width:155 height:105
spinner spn2 "Horizontal" pos:[25,125] width:120 height:16
spinner spn3 "Verticle" pos:[37,150] width:108 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
spinner spn5 "Inwards" pos:[34,175] width:111 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
groupBox Belly "Belly Shake Control" pos:[5,210] width:155 height:405
slider sld3 "Up" pos:[15,235] width:140 height:44
slider sld4 "Down" pos:[15,290] width:140 height:44
slider sld5 "Horizontal" pos:[15,345] width:137 height:44
groupBox grp4 "Noise" pos:[10,400] width:145 height:209
checkbox chk1 "Active" pos:[18,419] width:125 height:21
spinner spn6 "Seed" pos:[70,445] width:76 height:16
spinner spn7 "Scale" pos:[68,470] width:78 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
groupBox grp5 "Strength" pos:[15,498] width:135 height:105
spinner spn8 "X" pos:[45,525] width:64 height:16
spinner spn9 "Y" pos:[45,550] width:64 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
spinner spn10 "Z" pos:[45,575] width:64 height:16 range:[0,100,0]

CustAttributes.add $.baseobject cust_attrib

--------- Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give me 8)


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I have fixed the problem

I have fixed the problem which was completely stupid:
parameters rollout:EyeLidControls
parameters phoenix rollout:EyeLidControls

So all that was need was to give the parameters a name. For that I spent 5 hours looking for answers. i am officially a dumbass 8).

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