An animation with a moving camera but with moving objects seen as static and with a motion blur applied...

Hi, everyone!

I am looking for a specific script/tool, that probably do not exist, unless released for the "public"...

I would like to make a flythrough animation with "moving" objects but seen with a motion blur applied...

The only idea I had till now is to write a script:

- I animate my moving objects for ~10 frames
- I start my animation at frame "n"
- When my camera goes to the frame "n+1" the whole animation of my moving objects remains the same as on the first, "n" frame, (with the same animation of the 10 frames made before...)

I really need some help! I don't know maxscript and this is not the moment for me to start to learn it!

Any ideas?

I can pay for any working script such as that or, of course, any better!