auto modifier instancing

on modifier renaming it will became instanced to other if any other object with modifier with same name already existing in scene.

for example i have already inner walls with shell modifier =0.15m named 'inner_walls' and apply shell modifier for one more object and rename it to 'inner_wall' it will became =0.15m and instanced

if it of course possible.
thank you in advance


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i'm sorry i was unclear

think i have to try on another computer because i have reinstalled 3dsmax, but script still doesn't work - no any errors, just nothing happens after modifier's renaming.

most weird thing is when i want to roll back to first version of script it will not work as well until system restart or log off

thank you very much for your efforts i will let you know in this thread if will find out where problem was

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hello Lord. thank you for

hello Lord. thank you for fixing multiple objects renaming bug - just noticed it as well. but unfortunately updated version doesnt work for me in max2012
i tried both ms and mcr separately

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It works well for me...

It works well for me... and I also have Max 2012 64bit (sp2).

Logically, if the first version worked (even with a bug),
the second version must also work because I just replaced "$" by "selection[1]" to avoid the bug when you select multiple objects.
When you say "it doesn't work", do you mean "nothing happen" or "I got an error message"?
-In the first case, I cannot really help, just give you some ideas : try on another system, remove temporarly the other scripts to see if there is a conflict, repair or reinstall Max...
-In the second case, please report this error message.

A last question : does the first version still work ?

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Thank you Lord!

thanks - exactly what i looked for! there is only one issue found: only one set of instanced 'Shell' modifiers this script proceed. other modifiers are working fine)
one more request - how to run it automatically with max's start? but it is good idea with button though

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I corrected a small bug that occurred when renaming an instanced modifier with multiple objects selected.

I made a version .ms file so you can load it at startup, just copy it to the following folder : "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\Scripts\Startup"
or to this one : "C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2012 - 64bit\enu\scripts\startup"

Of course, you can define your own folder in Max, if you go to :
"Customize"->"Configure System Paths"->"System"->"Additional Startup Scripts"

The "button" version of this script gives you the possibility to desactivate it,
and that is not the case with the "startup" version.

I made some tests with the shell modifier and I didn't see any problem,
could you give some illustrations ?

Best regards.

autoinstancemod_v1.1.mcr 839 bytes 415 bytes
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Auto Instance Modifier by name

I made a macroscript file, so you can use it in a button.
Before executing the script, you can write your own name of category.
Otherwise, by fefault, you will find it in "myOwnScripts".

How it works :
When the button is checked, each time you change the name of a modifier, it will check if another modifier in a geometry object in the scene has the same name and if this is the case, it will replace and instance the selected modifier by the first modifier found.

autoinstancemodbyname.mcr 861 bytes

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