CAD file Auto Shifting when import , script


I've been using Autocad & Microstation for some years. All the times I've worked in UTM coordinates in CAD and wanted to move it to 3dmax I've had severe problems to had it imported correctly.

I've had to duplicate the drawing and moving it to 0,0 or near it. This causes to desvinculate the changes in the original drawing from the copy, and even if the CAD file I linked via File link manager is "updated" the latest changes wont be alied as the date is being read from a copy dwg.

I've extensively look for a solution to this issue on the internet for several years and all the posts did point the same way , move to 0,0, wich is a crazy thing for any enginyer or drafter that needs to preserve it coords. We work with X-refs and many data is linked to the main drawing, correct coordinates are a must to the proceess to be acomplished nicely.

So I would ask for a little script that shifts the linked CAD drawing so that it gets closer to the 0,0 in max.
I've found an app that actually does it but it is part of a big soft package that I cant afford as I'm just an student. I would ask for a script that does a similar job as described in the following lines, directly graved from Dinamyte VSP site.

Global Shift Settings

Because of the nature of single precision floating-point calculations in Autodesk 3ds Max, distances that are extremely large or extremely small can cause severe round-off errors. Symptoms of round-off errors include navigation performance problems (zooming and panning becoming too fast or too slow), unwanted viewport clipping, and most critically - inaccurate interpretation of large coordinate values.

This creates an immediate problem for civil engineering design data due to the fact that engineering designs are typically generated in true world coordinate systems.

Dynamite VSP manages this issue for you by automatically applying a negative easting and northing tranformation to all incoming engineering design data. This forces any resulting visualisation model to be situated as close to the scene origin as possible in Autodesk 3ds Max, thus removing the possibility of you encountering any scene inaccuracy issues.

These global import shift settings are permanently remembered in each visualisation scene which means that the value only needs to be applied once in the lifetime of each visualisation project.

Thanks a lot!