camera script

just joined and saw this forum so i thought i would post this idea and see what the response was, i prefer to use the camera to model with as the perspective view gets too messed up occasionally, anyway my inadequecies aside, what i want is a script that will put a button in an empty tool bar, the tool bar will be created whenever a camera is placed in the seen for the first time, any other cameras that are created will place a button in the newly created toolbar, the toolbar buttons will have the same name as the camera's so even if you rename them the buttons will have the camera name, and one last thing, whenever a new toolbar is created it should have a pick target button created as well, not sure how difficult this would be to do with maxscript, i am going to try it myself, but knowing that my scripting skills are as good as my icelandic language skills, i dont hold much hope im me doing it.