Convert Group to mesh

lets say; you have a tree object with all leaves as separate meshes , when attach them into one big heavy mesh at once, max crashes.

but i can attach them one by one which takes quite alot of time...

the script will divide the group of high level geometery into 3-10 meshes.

how long does it take to make a script like this one below?is it beginner level?

get selected group's name

explode group

rename the meshes inside , sequentially according to group name like: "groupname_01-02-03"

count polygon of each mesh.

attach small(number of polygon) meshes to "groupname_01" until
mesh reaches 1000 polygons.then

attach medium meshes untill mesh reaches 1000 polygons and name it:"groupname_M_01,02..."

rename large meshes that has more than 1000 polygons as "groupname_L_01,02,03.."

attach all created meshes in to one big mesh , named"groupname"

looking foward to any replies.



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Great and useful script, thanks Graph.
God bless you.

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select what you want to

select what you want to combine and run the script ;)

Raphael Steves

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Break face material id

Hi dear raphael,
your code works like a charm but when I apply it to my objects with diffrent material id,material id break and all of the material are in 1.

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Nice one Graph :) An "max

Nice one Graph :)

An "max group ungroup" at the end is also nice ;)

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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tested this one with 2k

tested this one with 2k objects and max didnt crash, just froze a bit:
have phun

	max create mode
	with undo off
		local sel = for o in selection where superclassOf o == geometryClass collect o
		local meshO = sel[1]
		deleteItem sel (findItem sel meshO)
		convertToMesh meshO
		for o in sel do attach meshO o

Raphael Steves

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Hey, this is partially working great!

Some problems though...

1)It does not give the group's name to the attached object

2) if i run it without a selection, it gives an error and stops,
the real problem is it stops after the command :" disableSceneRedraw()" so the viewpot stops untill i restart max,

can it just warn instead?

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hello and thanks for

hello and thanks for interest;

i copy pasted your script , and ran it but nothing happened?

as i stated before, i have no scripting experience

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i am still looking for a

i am still looking for a one-click solution :)

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this example script of yours

this example script of yours is "no-go" for non-scripters sadly.

atm i explode the group , select one and use attach list to sort by face count , attach them gradually...

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Ok, you need to sort them by

Ok, you need to sort them by face count and then attach them gradually, and I'll try to help you, but is there a script for non-scripters?... So try this for illustration:

b = box() -- create a box
(getPolygonCount b)[1] --> 12
-- so? this return poly-count = (getPolygonCount b)[1] as string --> rename the box to "12"
-- now make an example array of strings (just for test):
a = #("13", "0", "-22", "7")
sort a --> #("-22", "0", "13", "7")

With this in mind I hope you catch my idea that is to (1) rename the objects (using their poly-count as names), (2) collect their names to array, (3) sort array, (4) attach. Lets try then, - after explode the group, select all its objects and run the script:

-- 1st rename them
for i in selection do ( = (getPolygonCount i)[1] as string)
a = for i in selection collect -- collect their names
sort a -- sort the array
select (getNodeByName a[1]) -- select first object
deleteItem a 1 -- remove it from the array (this not delete the node, just array item)
-- last step: attach
-- if in 1 loop will be:
for i in a do attach selection[1] (getNodeByName i)
-- and if is this to "hard", you can break the procedure, e.g.
for i=1 to 5 do ( -- this will attach only the first 5 objects
    attach selection[1] (getNodeByName a[i])
    deleteItem a i
) -- end of step 1
-- end so on...

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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