Copy vertex positions to another object Edit_Poly modifier.


I'm in need assistance. I just cant crack my head around this matter.

I would like to copy one objects vertex positions to another objects Edit_Poly modifier vertices.
They have all the same vertex numbering but just different vertex position.

1. So lets take a Box001 and make it Editable Poly and make one reference object Box002 with Edit_Poly modifier.

2. Copy Box001 to make Box003 and move some vertices around.

3. Copy Box003 vertex position to referenced Box002 Edit_Poly modifier.

4. So now if I make changes to Box001, Box002 should change too and retain the modifications that the Edit_Poly makes on top.

It should be as simple as making an array of the Box003 vertex positions and then moving the Box002 vertices to correspond.

This would be handy when making morphtargets that have lots of modifiers applied to them need collapsing but still needing to retain the referencing of the original model.

Hope this makes sense and thank you if anyone can help me!