Copy/Paste Transforms Over Time

Hello, FirstIy I know a little about Maxscript, I know enough that I could follow most directions given. I’m definitely not an independently competent scripter, only a casual enthusiast. I’ve tried before, and could try to modify a script myself, but it’d be a hard road of brain racking for several days of trial and error to achieve what I need, on my own. Alright, Here goes. I’m hoping someone can essentially modify either Brad Noble’s Copy/Paste Transforms or Matthew Dick’s Copy/Paste Transforms to allow for copying of all frames on selected objects over “X” time to “X” time, and pasting of all selected frames onto selected objects. “Copy/Paste Transforms Over Duration”. I would prefer Brad Noble’s style script as it can use a target object to flip around, making it very useful for bone rigs. I eagerly await comments, thanks for checking this out. I am willing to compensate your efforts.