CryEngine MTL to VRay Material

Looking for a script that will convert a CryEngine MTL into a Vray Material (VrayMtl or VrayBlend).

The 3ds Max CryEngine Plugin is less then optimal as it just imports the maps (the normal is put in incorrectly) and doesn't carry other values (specular, gloss, ect) over. Additionally in blend materials it only adds the primary layer and not rest of the blend materials that give the materials more detail. It also cannot handle wda style textures. Also doesn't handle detail maps and diffuse coloring correctly.

Looking for a script that would either propperly import these into VRay materials OR looking for a script that would read the CryEngine MTL and let me decide decide where the values would go into in various strucutres; ei a Vray Blend with 3 VRayMtl.