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Hello there,
im a Graphic design student working on a project where I want to generate alot of abstrakt 3d objects. I made some first attempts and programmed it in processing ( as this is what I am good at, but it is really limited compared to what 3dmax can do. So i want to switch and create the whole object in 3dmax itself. Only problem is that i would have to do it all by hand, but i need about 300-400 objects.

The parameters for modifing an object in 3d max are still generated by the Algorithm of my programm I wrote in Java.

So to make it clear, my programm would create alot of values for modifying instructions i would define first, like:

Use texture X with size Y.
Then resize Object to XY.
Bend it Y
Displace it with Map Y and Strenth Z
Save as...

where the XYZ values are generated by my programm and should be easily entered at the beginning of the script or even better read from a txt file or something similar.

Would something like thit be possible?

If not, how hard it is to make some batch processing like the one you know from Photoshop where all the Modifiers/materials etc. add themself and I only have to Enter the values. That would save at least some time if the other way is not possible.

Like i said,even though im a student and dont have much money i would pay for that, as it saves me a lot of time.

But im also thankful for any tips and advices.


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I'm interested, but

I'm interested, but currently I got 2 weeks of preparing for 3 weeks of exams :(

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OK, good luck :) Don't worry

OK, good luck :)
Don't worry about the final message, only admin can delete any post. I put it as my forum signature because a month ago was delete one my comment and I have no idea why.

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Hmm, it's seems to me like

Hmm, it's seems to me like you can do this by few hours by hand, but you want to get rid of the boring work, right? And perhaps you will lose more time in searching script solution, instead you end up alone. Well, can say so everyone seek how to cheat and batch your work, and spend the day at the beach instead of standing in front of computer :) and the funny is so always that way to do this :)))

I see that you take tips and advices and so I say, ...

First - about 3DSMax - the word "limited" no sense here :))
No one can claim that knows everything about 3DStudio, and the possibilities of Max are definitely limitless. I don't want to sound like Max fanatics, and I don't know how long you use Max, but everyone who worked with it for years, would never say that Max is limited :) Yep, that sounds funny even in prehistoric 3DSMax R2.5, and since then has changed so much. But that is another extensive topic. But as you guess, I can't miss to defend the program :) and has reason. Not only that everything is possible in Max, but also each task can be done in almost unlimited ways :)

Never mind,... Now on the topic.

About comparison with Photoshop - 3DSMax is much more than Photoshop. Of course you can make batch processing in Max using MAXScript. In Photoshop you can record your action and use it for batch file. In Max you can do the same by using MacroScript Recorder. But as I see, you wish to use different values for each file and you want to read these values from text file. And here I see no problem, MAXScript can read/write ASCII and binary files, also and INI files. Also I see, you work with Java, and MAXScript is much more easy than Java. So I think, using only MAXScript Refernce help, you will become advanced scripter in no time :) Also, Scriptspot is a great community and still be found who will help you, if you share more specific information.


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Hi, why should i delete your

Hi, why should i delete your post. But i guess you misunderstood me. I never said max is limited. What i said, that creating and editing 3d objects within processing is limited if you compare it to the possibilities you have in 3ds max. So I agree with you. The problem is, i just started to work with 3dsmax some weeks ago. So i know almost nothing about it at all but still see the great possibities.
and i never compared it with photoshop either, i just made an example to describe the type of batch processing i was looking for. So thanks anyway but i will probably just do it by hand... nevermind.

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