Get Position and Rotation from Selected Objects

Hey Guys,
for a Game with an editional Map editor i need the Coordinats and optionaly the Rotation of all the Selected Objects in 3dsmax.
The selectable count should be high as possible and the coordinats/rotation should be copyable (need them to insert in the other editor)

Should be look like this

If 10 Objects Selected and i Run the Script , it should give me in the listener something like

Object 1(1,1,1)
Object 2(2,2,2)
Object 3(3,3,3)
Object 4(4,4,4)
Object 10(10,10,10)

Object 1(90,0,0)
Object 2(65,0,0)
Object 3(30,0,0)
Object 4(270,0,0)
Object 10(359,0,0)

thx for your help :)