GOZ - Max to Zbrush

Hello, Guys its been a long time since the Goz doesn't work properly on 3dsmax.
I think was some incompatibility with the new max version and new ZBrush versions, I already contact the Pixologic support, but far I know they won't be fixed this problem.
If, you have someone want to try. (IF ANYONE CAN HELP)
there are a lot of problems maybe even more than I am discriminating here, but what I could notice so far:
A- Zbrush for 3dsMax:
1. turn off the gamma / lut parameters of the scene.
2. Created Polygruops arrive at max with huge numbers like (ID: 39284) where normal is ID: 1, 2, 3, 4 etc ...
3. The model comes with a standard shader (255 white very hard to work) better would be a 128 Grey material without specular or gloss or no material apply, like a 3dsmax standard object.
3dsMax B- to Zbrush
1- polygons material ID created 3dsmax are not recognized as playgroups by Zbrush.

C- Things that are working and after being fixed these problems should be checked if they continue to work normally.
1. Uv transmission max Zbrush / Zbrush / max
2. Polypaint / max ZBrush / ZBrush / max
3. Maintains the scale of the object.
4. If not change the count the vertices (can use morph modifier and blend shapes).

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