I Have a script dream - ( Fast Rollout )

Hi guys and welcome to my dream ..
here is the deal :

A script which captures dialog boxes that you click on ,and put it in its own toolbar ( or rollout )

the pictures in the attachments will explain more .

the Benefits :
1- easy access to most used dialog boxes .. puts it in its own for easy and rapid access .

2- fast modification of the most used dialog boxes that you use when rendering, modeling, modifiers .. you name it .

2-dynamic rollout .. ( I mean : if you select just 3 dialog boxes it will make 3 boxes .. you select 6 and i will make 6 .. etc ) .

so .. Does dreams come true ?

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I brainstormed on an idea about custom rollouts. What you describe is the ultimate dream - I certainly hope it will be possible to do so some day. But I myself didnt dare to wish for that much ;)

Anyway, I got help from RappyBMX (Remus Gabriel Juncu) at CG Talk to realize an idea to create custom rollouts.
The purposes are:

- A simple dummy rollout to fill space. If you use two columns in the command panel and UVW Map modifier, you will see that the modifier rollout doesnt fit. Adding a custom rollout pushes the uv-rollout to the other column.

- Callback support: This feature gives you the ability to auto create custom rollouts. Read further

-- Automatically create filler rollouts for single-rollout modifiers like UVW-Map

-- Put your own favourite tools in a rollout and have them docked to your favourite modifier/object: Here, I would like to see you people come up with examples. Show us your favourite custom-poly-rollout or custom-uvw-unrwap-rollout and so on.

Since this post was about dreams, let me share my humble dream with you ;)

- A rollout generator with the following features:

1. Regular rollout or callback-rollout (this means a callback triggers the rollout to dock to a certain predestined target)

2. UI that helps you put together your rollout. The UI is similar to the Customize User Interface > Quads or Menus. You drag and drop items

3. Import / Export feature: So people can share their custom rollouts. Those rollouts can almost be like script packages.

4. Last but not least: Color and graphic support! We cant nice color rollouts. I have seen that this is possible now :)

Hope you like the ideas and the script-snippet. Thanks to RappaBMX who made it possible.

Kind regards

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Yeah, the closest and fastest

Yeah, the closest and fastest way to do that is using the Parameter Collector (default shortcut : alt+2), and collect them via the curve editor.

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unlikely, but i'd love this

unlikely, but i'd love this feature.

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The main problem is that mxs

The main problem is that mxs not expose all interface parameters


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