indirect illumination - radiosity like script/plugin wanted

Hello to everyone,

I want to use the radiosity plugin for max, makes the best indirect lighting, but the major drawback is that you have to mess with the polygon count in an oblect (or via the global subdivision settings), and I REALLY dont like it for this. If you see the radiosity details in the help, you will see the way it works in the first image provided.

So I want if possible to request a new script (or plugin if possible?) that makes a new radiosity solution. I have two implementations in my mind:

The first, instead of using polygons, use texels (same algothime like radiosity, but texels instead of polygons), or second, a global adjustable invisible grid that contains numerous small lights from the solution ( I hope you get what I have in mind).

I dont know any scripting, so I hope that someone is willing to work on it so everyone can have a fast indirect lighting solution (that of course works with image based lighting, i.e skylight)