Is there a way to backup/restore 3Ds max UI full scripts/toolbars?

Is there even some manually steps to do by hand in order to complete this task?

I am sure it comes down to files in the end of day. All scripted I installed in my 3d max must be represented by some files in Users folders (C: drive). While I can easily save all Toolbar/Keyboard/Menu/Quad(color Quad *.qop)/Color customization and keep them safe somewhere in HDD.

But in a new installed version of 3d max or when I go to another PC, those file only half useful because those scripts connect with them aren't installed.

Is there reasonable steps to copy all necessary files come with scripts and zip them up, get them ready for the next time I install a 3d max in new PC? Copy whole user folder or whole 3ds max installed folder is overkill and may contain a lot unnecessary files all along. Any idea? Is this even possible?