Need Mesh Statistic Info for SL users.

I'm requesting a scripter to write a simple 3Ds Max's statistic info for selected object that provide selected mesh/object it's "weight".

We would like to see statistic weight of the creation before we have to upload them onto Second Life. It would make workflow much easier and quicker.

However, Linden Lab, maker of Second Life did not make it simple formula to find its weight, which is bound to ask for more information about Second Life in general. I can try my best to provide more information about their formula.

First of all, there 4 type of weight scoring for each object/mesh.

Streaming weight.
Server weight.
Physics weight.
and Rendering weight.

The most complex problems would be Streaming weight, due to LODs. Server Weight is not required since it complexity of the mesh does not affect it.

You can find more information about these weights here.

It may be impossible to get perfect weight data getting by SL's LOD generator, but at least wouldn't mind having some educated guessing range.

It doesn't have to be all complete set of objects/meshs in order to see its weight. An object could be reviewed as one weight for intended use or be optional choices between few LODs stage or as physic.


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I added a "Reset all" button.

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Thanks for taking your time to read but...

On Second Life, we have basic objects (cube, sphere, cylinder, etc etc.) called "Prim" and they are counted for each server. We only can have 15,000 prims or 3,500 prims for "lite" server.

Mesh is a new feature they recently developed for Second Life. Allowing SL users to import custom object design. However, they have prim "weighting" count system. Some mesh weight more than other, which isn't solely on polygon/triangle count.

There are few factors into the weight. Such as LODs, physic, number of faces (materials ID) and few other things.

You don't find out what's the Prim count of a mesh till you prepped all of the required part at the upload section on Second Life. ...and that's the difficult part in our workflow. We need to see that Prim weight inside 3Ds Max before troubling ourselves in exporting, importing and setting up at the upload section.

We need more than simple Polygon count.

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Some ideas...

There is 3 tools in Max that could help you :

1- In the viewport, when you press the shortkey "7" or you go to menu "views" -> "Xview" -> "show statistics", you get mesh informations that you can parameter in the "viewport configuration" -> "statistics"

2- In "utilities" panel, click the "more..." button, you will find "channel info"

3- and "Polygon counter"

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Snarl is a new have they late

Snarl is a new have they late formulated for Living.VCP-510 Allowing LS users to out lander impost goal ornamentation. Notwithstanding, they score prissy weighting count scheme. Both contact coefficient more than otherwise,350-001 which isn't solely on polygon/triangle look.

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Thanks for the lazy-effort spam.

Sure did help my problem there.... not.

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