Porting a Blender Script to Max (xnalara)


I was wondering if anyone might want to try and port this script from blender to max

its for xnalara, which is a model viewer that a certain tombraider forum have idolized and used for general model posing.

the application only allows for a certain ascci format, which that above blender script dumps out to. but I can't stand blender, and want to use 3dsmax.
the issue with exporting a model from say DAE collada to blender, is that my hierarchy information goes out of whack. the bones are in a different name order or whatever.. causing some grief, and extra work todo in blender before exporting to the ascci format.
I know that blender and 3dsmax are 2 way non-compatible systems, but if someone can convert that script to 3dsmax, I'd be very greatful. plus it save me alot of time going back and forth in blender ~_~

anyway here's the forum in question if you'd like to know more about xnalara. and thanks for reading