Quad-Menu automatic Script Organizer?

Hey to all,

This is abit of a shot in the dark since I know nothing of scripting and codes, so take what I say with abit of ignorance if you will.

Would it be possible to create a script which is essentially an Automatic creator, which assigns Automatically the scripts to a Quad-Menu by me simply pointing it at the folder?

I'm referring to this script here: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/smart-menu

From what I gathered, you can essentially put up all your scripts you wish to Folders with a specific name, and the Smart Menu will create the Menu for you with the assigned name, minus the Macro Scripts ones.

So my question is, would it be possible to do this in a Quad-Menu format, and maybe if possible, have it call the Scripts correctly? Or would it be simpler to do it manually?

Cheers and regards.


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Anubis is right. In quad

Anubis is right. In quad menus you can add only macro scripts. I think that i faoudna way to create a new quad menu and to add items in it, but all scripts must be already started in max.

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Thanks guys for replying. I

Thanks guys for replying. I already created the mnu files, all free public scripts from here, scripspot so I included them incase they need to be called.

Max 2010 - 2011 mnu, sorry, don't have Max 09 or 12.

Please note it's not a necessaity, I was just curious if going the manual route would work more in my favour then having an Auto-scripter that collected the scripts and put them under the same name of the folder so ease up on a few of them.

Other then that, happens or not, cheers guys and much appreciated for the time.

folder.zip 554.26 KB

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impossible task

Do not lose your time on this,
the quad menu is for macro scripts.

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Hi! I think this is not so

I think this is not so easy(may be impossible), but .... :)
You have to help me. :) Can you do the folowing:
1. open max2009,max2010, 2011 or 2012
2. create new quad menu and add some scripts to it. Add only scripts, not standart max commands.
3. Save the new quad menu as a quad_name.mnu file

Send me the *.mnu files to me([email protected]).(I hope that you have access to more than one max version). :)


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