Script request (150 EUR.): workaround for 3dsMax File Link bug

There's a nasty FileLink bug in 3ds Max that has existed since 2004 and has never been fixed. Over the years I've sent several bugreports, steps to reproduce it and have even received confirmation about it being reproduced by Autodesk.. but instead of fixing it, with every release it seems that they only focus on changing stuff that works well..

This is the bug:
When an UVW Map modifier (probably any other modifier too) is applied to a block inside a filelinked AutoCAD DWG, and that block is copied, mirrored or deleted in AutoCAD, filelink 'Reload' fails and scatters and deforms all linked geometry randomly across the scene.

Possible workaround:
Before filelink 'Reload' is used, for each layer and block a temporary box could be drawn in a non-render layer, the modifiers in the stack of each layer and block can be instanced to it's temporary box, and the modifiers of the layers and blocks can then be removed. Then the file can be reloaded, after which all the modifiers can be instanced back from the temporary boxes to the geometry it belonged to (if that still exists after reloading). There might be smarter ways to do it, that's up to the one taking on the challenge.

Offering 150 Euro for a solid workaround. Please drop a message here before starting. I can provide the file/steps to reproduce this bug, so that can be used for testing the script.


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Hey Barigazy you are the

Hey Barigazy you are the master...rsrs
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sorry kimarotta, i wrote last

sorry kimarotta, i wrote last night somethin for this request and i forget to send on time. No hard feelings. After all i don't decide
which solution is better.Right?


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no no man. I admire your work, I am a beginner in the scripts and I need the trouble to develop myself ... lol =]
then I wonder what was the solution.

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Steps to reproduce the bug

I've reproduced the error on a clean install of Autocad 2012 x64 and 3ds Max 2012 x64:

3ds Max:
1. Create a new scene
2. File Link the Filelink-Bug1.dwg with the following options:
Basic: only 'Auto-smooth adjacent faces' checked
Advanced: Derive AutoCAD primitives by Layer, only 'create helper at origin' checked
3. Apply an UVW Map modifier to block: 3d-woning-C2 (facade of the middle house)

1. Open the file Filelink-Bug1.dwg
2. Mirror the block 3d-woning-C2 to make a copy
3. Save the dwg

3ds Max:
1. Reload the file with File Link Manager
2. Now either 3ds Max completely freezes, or it scatters all the linked objects somewhat randomly across the scene.

The file can be downloaded here:

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